Rhinoplasty for Men

It is the nose that occupies the largest percentage of the plastic surgery of men. The nose is located in the center of the face, so it makes the face look three-dimensional and in particular, the men's T zone is an important part which can appeal masculine appearance. In case of Rhinoplasty for men, the shape of the straight lines stretched from middle of the forehead to the tip of nose is ideal, and the masculine side line when seen from the side should be completed, not just raising it. iWELL’s Rhinoplasty for men creates a stylish nose of men with a delicate design that fits the individual characteristics.

The golden ratio for perfect T line of men!

iWELL’s Rhinoplasty for men recommended for

  • If you have countrified image with low middle of the forehead and dorsum of the nose
  • If the nose is bent or dorsum of the nose is protruding
  • If the shape of the tip of nose is fine, however, the dorsum of nose is low
  • If correction is needed due to deviated nasal septum or rhinitis

Nose seems like sculpture from any angle

Favorable nose of men should be in harmony with overall face. Together with straight dorsum of the nose and cool feeling of stretching straightly, it should connect the shape of the tip of nose, and it is most preferred when the angle between the tip of nose and lip becomes to be 90~105 degree, while not lifted. By the way, it is most important to complete the attractive nose fitting to the face of one’s own by comprehending the shape of nose preferred by one’s own self.

Ideal side line

Shape of the straight line stretched from middle of the forehead to the tip of nose smoothly, unlike the nose with shape of half of Beoseon (Korean traditional socks)

The shape of which middle of the forehead is relatively protuberated and the starting point of nose is high and is stretched straightforwardly.

Ideal angle of nose

In the case when the angle between forehead and the dorsum of nose is 140~150degree, and the angle between the tip of nose and lip is 90~105 degree

Ideal ratio of nose

The ideal width of the rounded side of the nose is sharing 1/5 of the face width

The ideal width of the dorsum of nose

The width of the dorsum of nose is not too wide, while not too narrow like a women’s nose when viewed from the front

Method of surgery by types

01Low nose

If the outline of the nose is not clear, the gap between both eyes seems far away as a whole or the face seems wide, the good effect can be made by correcting the dorsum of nose and the tip of nose.

02Aquiline nose

When the middle part of the nose is protruded – if protrusion of the cartilage is not so severe, the cartilage shall be cut slightly, and if the degree is severe, it heightens the dorsum of the nose with a prosthesis after correcting the nose bone and cartilage wholly.

03Deviated nose

In case of men, there happens a lot of case that the nose becomes deviated by exercise or physical injury. If nose becomes deviated, functional problem occurs as it leads to the nose diseases such as rhinitis or nasal congestion. In case of deviated nose, satisfactory result can be made aesthetically or functionally by correcting up to nasal septum by surgical correction, as well as the deviated dorsum of nose.

04Arrow nose/Long nose

It refers to the nose of which the tip part of nose looks fallen behind and the length of the nose is long. Arrow nose & Long nose make the face look longer and look older by breaking the balance of the face. It is the phenomenon caused by the matter that the wing cartilage of the tip of nose is sagging down or the nasal septum is long, therefore, it is recommended to correct it.

05Bulbous nose

If the rounded side of the nose is too wide and flabby, it should be reduced in order to fit the suitable ratio. Although it is said that bulbous nose is good in the viewpoint of phrenology, it is felt as a complex. Generally, the surgery for the dorsum of nose and the tip of nose are conducted at the same time, however, reduction of only the rounded side of nose is available, too.

Is the plastic surgery only for women? NO!

In case of the nose of men, the width of the dorsum of nose is formed wider than that of women, and there is a lot of case that the bone around the eyebrows are protruded, and in general, the skin of the tip of nose itself is thicker than that of women. These characteristics of men’s nose should be definitely considered from the stage of surgery plan. In addition, in case of men, the exercises or external activities are frequent, and the aquiline nose or bent nose may be occurred by acquisition due to the fracture during the military service which leads to rhinitis or sinus infection by deviation of nasal septum cartilage. In this case, after 3D CT precise analysis, correct the functional problem at the same time.

Key points of Rhinoplasty for men of iWELL

For men, the nose is related to the successful social life as it is related to self-confidence. The nose stretching straightly with high bridge of nose not only gives a stylish impression but also becomes a factor to give sense of confidence to a counterpart

  • A straight-line nose which can make T Zone distinct
  • Nose stretched straightly from middle of the forehead to the tip of nose
  • Stylish and sharp image
  • Improves image naturally without trace of surgery
  • Improvement of bent nose, aquiline nose, bulbous nose, low nose, etc.

before/after Rhinoplasty for Men