3D Sculpting Nose Surgery

Perfect profile of the face from the forehead to the chin

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3D Sculpting Nose Surgery

iWELL’s 3D sculpting nose surgery doesn’t simply make the nose appear taller. It is a comprehensive rhinoplasty procedure that serves to create a perfect profile of the face from the forehead to the chin, without any complex facial contouring or orthodontic procedures.


Duration of Surgery

1~2 hours





Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7days or 14days(dissolvable thread may be used)

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iWELL’s 3D Sculpting Nose Surgery: Before & After Photos


– Low nose bridge and droopy nose tip
– Flat forehead
– Flat-looking profile due to receding chin
– Plain face with no prominent features


– Tall nose with a beautiful nose tip
– Curved forehead
– Perfect profile achieved by mitigating the receding chin
– Refined appearance with well-defined features

3D Sculpting Nose Surgery Procedure

01 An in-depth analysis of the nasal bones and skin condition
02 Decision on the implant type and cartilage to be inserted into the nose tip
03 Minimal incision for implant insertion
04 Accurate insertion of the customized implant into the predetermined location
05 Reshaping of the nose tip with autologous tissue and ear cartilage
06 Suturing of the incision site after checking the implant and nose shape
07 Discharge on the same day and suture removal after 7 days
08 Plastic surgery for the forehead and chin may be performed, if necessary


Why Chosen iWELL’s 3D Sculpting Nose Surgery?

Enhancing the height of the nose bridge and even the nose tip!
iWELL’s 3D sculpting nose surgery involves meticulously redesigning the nose bridge and the nose tip to create a more natural-looking nose.
Safe implants for natural-looking results
iWELL’s 3D sculpting nose surgery is performed by a highly skilled plastic surgeon who meticulously designs the implant, which is safe with little chance of deformation, in order to bring forth natural-looking results.
Satisfying results
iWELL’s 3D sculpting nose surgery involves an accurate assessment of the shape and structure of the nose and cartilage locations using a 3D-CT scan, based on which the most suitable method of surgery and implant are chosen for the patient. This helps minimize side effects and lowers the likelihood that corrective surgery will ever be needed.

3D Sculpting Nose Surgery, a Differentiated Method of Rhinoplasty

Registration of Cartilage Retractor for Rhinoplasty
with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)

iWELL’s 3D sculpting nose surgery is performed using a cartilage retractor for rhinoplasty that has been developed with years of research, clinical experience and surgical know-how of the medial staff. This surgical instrument helps minimize damage to the cartilage and ensures safe and effective surgery. This is why many of our patients report a high level of satisfaction after receiving 3D sculpting nose surgery.

iWELL’s cartilage retractor for rhinoplasty
has been registered with KIPO in recognition with its excellence.

iWELL’s Nose Tip Surgery

The tip of the nose, which is the tallest area of the face, plays an important role in determining the results of a rhinoplasty procedure based on its shape. This procedure is performed on patients who have a tall nose bridge but whose nose looks too short or long due to the less-than-ideal shape of the nose tip and on patients who have a stubby nose tip. Nasal tip surgery is crucial when it comes to forming a beautiful nose line, so it is highly important to choose a plastic surgeon with an excellent eye for beauty and professional expertise and experience.

Methods of Nose Tip Surgery

If the shape of the nose tip is close to the ideal shape

This can be corrected relatively simply by bringing in and tying together the alar cartilages.

If the nose tip needs to be heightened

If gathering together the alar cartilages won’t be enough, an autologous cartilage, etc. is grafted into the tip of the nose to raise it naturally.

If the nose tip must be lifted with a strong support

In the case of an upturned nose, there is a need to place an additional cartilage on the nose tip cartilage to raise and reshape the nose tip.

Ceaseless Research and Development of Nose Tip Surgery at iWELL

Dr. Jungil Hwang’s research on the classification of different shapes for nose tip surgery for Asians and the step-by-step surgical procedure

Publication of a paper on nose tip surgery in the international journal, JPRAS

Published a paper on the first-ever study on the simultaneous use of a cartilage and silicone implant for correcting a low nose bridge or a wide nose tip, the classification of different shapes thereof, and the step-by-step surgical procedure

iWELL’s 3D Sculpting Nose Surgery Based on Ideal Ratios

The Ideal Ratio of the Nose

An ideal nose is one that displays bilateral symmetry, is one-third the vertical length of the face, and is in harmony with the rest of the face in terms of height and size. A beautiful nose can be created by taking into consideration the ratios in relation to the forehead, eyes, lips, etc., which affect the overall appearance of the face and the facial contours. So when it comes to rhinoplasty, it is important to choose a nose shape and size that is most suitable for you, based on the shape and ratio of the nose bridge and nose tip, instead of simply trying to gain a taller nose.

  • 01.Angle between the nose and forehead: less than 115°
    The eye area may appear to be receding or the forehead may appear to be protruding
  • 02.Angle between the nose and forehead: over 150°
    The forehead or the nose may appear too flat and the face may look large because it seems too flat and two-dimensional.
  • 03.Angle between the nose and lips: less than 90°
    The nose bridge curves downward toward nose tip, thereby resulting in an aquiline nose that appears too long, and this can make the person look older.
  • 04.Angle between the nose and tips: over 120°
    This is a characteristic of an upturned nose, where the nostrils are visible from the front, which can make the person appear unattractive.

The most ideal angle between the nose and forehead: 135~140° / The most ideal angle between the nose and lips: 135~140°

3D Sculpting Nose Surgery Taking into Consideration the Height,
Shape and Contours of the Nose

Customized surgery

An individually customized surgical plan is devised based on an accurate assessment of the nose shape, cartilage location, etc.

Comprehensive solution

By improving the shape of the nose, the overall appearance of the face can be improved.


A beautiful S line is created along the forehead, eyes, lips and chin for harmonization of the face.

3D Sculpting Nose Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who have a flat or depressed forehead that makes them appear older

case 02Those who have a flat and wide nose and a stubby nose tip

case 03Those who have a low nose bridge and an upturned or droopy nose tip

case 04Those who have a relatively plain and flat face

case 05Those who have a receding or short chin

iWELL’s 3D Sculpting Nose Surgery: Before & After Photos

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