Nasal tip plastic surgery

The tip of the nose is the highest and protruding part of the face, which is important enough to influence the result of rhinoplasty depending on the shape of the nose tip. It is performed when the nose is high but the shape of the nasal tip is not so beautiful, the nose looks short or long, or when the tip of the nose is stubby, since nasal tip surgery is a key component of the beautiful nose, it is important to get treated by a plastic surgeon with excellent aesthetics and experience.

The nose can only be beautiful with a pretty nasal tip!

The ideal shape of the nasal tip is when the height of the nasal tip, as seen from the side, is about the same as the width of the alas of the nose as seen from the front (A=B), and the angle between the columella and dorsum of the nose is 45 degree. Many female entertainers prefer a natural half sock-like line when seen from the side.

Why, iWell nasal tip plastic surgery?

01By using the patient's autologous cartilage (septal or ear cartilage), not artificial implants, the results are natural.

02Designed to adjust the height, angle and line of the nasal tip to fit the harmony of the whole face.

03It is wrapped once more with fascia, so there is no risk of deformation and no side effects.

04There are additional improvements in the appearances of protruding mouths.

Surgery process by type

Where the nasal tip is somewhat shaped correctly

A relatively simple correction is possible by tying the widened alar cartilages together.

Where the nasal tip must be heightened

When you do not get enough effect just by tying the cartilage of your nostrils together, you can graft your autologous cartilage to the tip of your nose and naturally raise your nose tip.

Where the nasal tip must be strongly supported and heightened

In the case of a upturned nose with a lifted nasal tip, cartilage is additionally implanted on the nasal tip cartilage, which will be strongly supported, in order to create the desired shape.

Before and After of Nasal Tip Plastic Surgery