Hump nose

Hump nose, the middle part of the dorsum of nose is convexly protruding, and often gives a strong and stubborn impression. Hump nose surgery, which corrects cartilage and bones and makes the curved line of nasal dorsum smooth, has a high degree of satisfaction with its corrective effect

Why, choose iWell Hump nose surgery?

  • Completion of smooth line of nasal dorsum
  • Harmony between balanced face and three-dimensional feeling
  • Transformed into a bright and sophisticated image
  • Change to soft impression

How is Hump Nose surgery done?

Since the symptoms vary by individual, such as when the entire nasal dorsum is protruding, only the nasal bone protruding, etc., it is necessary to perform surgery after a thorough consultation with a plastic surgeon.

When hump nose is not severe

Incise the nose and remove the nasal bones and cartilage parts protruding by the device to complete a smooth line of nose.

When hump nose is severe

The cartilage of the tip of the nose is gathered and raised after outer osteotomy of the hump area. At this time, to prevent the tip of the nose from being drooped, a support is made by autograft.

Who needs hump nose plastic surgery

  • If the dorsum of nose is uneven
  • When the nose is not smooth due to protruding.
  • If the impression is strong due to the hump nose
  • When the nose is protruding and the face looks longer

Before and After of Hump Nose