Flat nose?

It is called "augmentation rhinoplasty" (nasal dorsum surgery) because it raises the flat nose. The surgery is the most commonly performed nose surgery because the Asian nasal dorsum is often low. iWelll does not just make a high nose, but a nose fit a person's face. We will make a natural, harmonious nose that is not only heightened, but also has a attractive line extending to the nasal tip.

Why, choose iWell flat nose plastic surgery?

  • iWELL only uses the highest quality, safe implants
  • iWELL delicately designs not only the height of the nose, but also the line of the nasal tip.
  • iWELL makes minimal incisions to minimize destruction of tissue and scarring.
  • Thorough sterilization, disinfection system reduces the possibility of inflammation.

How is iWell Flat Nose Plastic Surgery Done?

01Decide which implant and the cartilage will be inserted into the nasal tip depending on individual.

02Carefully incise the area where the implant will be inserted.

03The custom-designed prosthesis is fixed onto the nasal dorsum.

04Use self-tissue or cartilage to correct the tip of the nose.

Difference between open type VS closed type

Open type Closed type

The incision is connected from the mucous membrane of the inner nose to the exterior columella of the nose.

Only the mucous membrane of the inner nose is incised
Pros It is easy to secure good visibility during surgery, so the inner structure of the nose is examined as the surgery is conducted. There is almost no scar exposed to the outside.
You can make the precise shape of the nasal tip.
You can insert the implant into the correct position.
Cons There is an incision scar on the columella of nose, but you do not have to worry because it will disappear after the recovery period. It is difficult to examine the inner structure of the nose due to poor visibility during surgery.
The scarring is minimized by delicately suturing the incised area. Be sure to have surgery by an experienced plastic surgeon securely

Before and After of Flat Nose