Non-Implant Nose Surgery

A new paradigm for nose tip surgery that beautifies the face

#noinflammation #noforeignbodysensation #nosideeffects
#tall and beautiful nose contours created using one’s own tissue

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Non-Implant Nose Surgery

Artificial implants such as silicone and Gore-Tex implants that have been widely used across the world have proven their clinical safety for years. However, there are patients who are reluctant to or cannot receive such implants and some of they can actually gain sufficiently satisfying results without using implants. To these patients, we recommend non-implant nose surgery which involves the use of autologous tissue instead of an artificial implant. At iWELL, plastic surgeons with years of experience and know-how help create a tall nose tip and exquisite contours without the use of artificial implants.

Non-Implant Nose Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those with a tall nose bridge but a flat nose tip

case 02Those who want to revise the shape of the nose such as an aquiline nose, crooked nose and long nose

case 03Those who previously suffered from an infection or contracture after nose surgery

case 04Those who are physically unable to or disinclined to receiving an implant

Non-Implant Nose Surgery Procedure

01 Collect the septal nasal cartilage
02 Design a suitable dermis shape for the surgical site
03 Incise and separate the surgical site
04 Use the septal nasal cartilage to perform plastic surgery on the nose tip (omitted if only the dermis tissue is used)
05 Graft the cartilage in the uneven area between the bottom of the nose bridge and the nose tip
06 Suture the surgical site closed and apply dressing


Advantages of iWELL’s Non-Implant Nose Surgery

There are no adverse effects resulting from the presence of an implant (implant migration, visible implant, infection, etc.).
The use of autologous tissue leads to more natural-looking results without any foreign body sensation.
There aren’t any risks of allergic reactions to an implant.
Corrective surgery is much safer and there is a low chance of adverse effects.

Non-Implant Nose Surgery: Before & After Photos

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