Crooked Nose

Correcting the shape and addressing functional issues

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Crooked Nose Surgery

A crooked nose refers to a nose that deviates to either the left or right side of the midline of the face. It is not only a cosmetic concern, but it can lead to functional problems that lead to nasal congestion, rhinitis, chronic headache, etc. iWELL’s crooked nose surgery serves to mitigate the issues pertaining to the shape and function of the nose and leads to high satisfaction.


Duration of Surgery

1~2 hours





Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7days or 14days (dissolvable thread may be used)

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Method of Crooked Nose Surgery

Diverse methods are applied in combination depending on the degree and location of the crookedness and whether it is accompanied by nasal septum deviation.

A minor degree of crookedness
A custom-made implant is positioned in the opposite direction of the crookedness so that the nose appears straight.

A severe degree of crookedness
Plastic surgery for straightening the nasal septum and osteotomy on the outer side of the nasal bone for repositioning purposes may be necessary. The nasal bone that is bent inward is osteotomized to be moved outward and vice versa. In this case, nostril asymmetry is also corrected.

Accompanied by hypertrophy of the inferior nasal concha
In the case of a crooked nose, nasal septum deviation may cause enlargement of the nasal cavity on the opposite side of the crooked part of the nasal septum and this in turn triggers hypertrophy of the inferior nasal concha, which leads to nasal congestion. In this case, the crooked nose is revised in addition to partial resection of the inferior nasal concha or the inferior nasal concha may be reduced in size using high frequency therapy.

Crooked Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01A lack of balance in the face due to a crooked nose

case 02Deviation/migration of the implant after rhinoplasty

case 03Bending of the nasal septum inside the nose

case 04Crooked nose bridge caused by physical trauma

iWELL’s Crooked Nose Surgery: Before & After Photos

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