Short Nose and Upturned Nose

Reducing nostril exposure and ensuring harmonious length and height

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Short Nose and Upturned Nose Surgery

An upturned nose is a nose that is short with the nostrils visibly exposed when viewed from the front. The length of the nose is extended in order to minimize nostril exposure during short nose surgery, and this is arguably one of the most complex types of plastic surgery. This is why it is important to receive the procedure from an experienced plastic surgeon in order to gain satisfying results.


Duration of Surgery

1~2 hours





Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7days or 14days(dissolvable thread may be used)

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Characteristics of Short Nose Surgery

Nose bridge with a width that is similar to that of the philtrum! Nose bridge that is in harmony with the rest of the face!

Methods of Short Nose Surgery

Cartilage Plasty
This is a method that is suitable for a short nose (upturned nose) that is only slightly upturned. The alar cartilage of the nose tip is lowered to make it appear longer.

Cartilage Graft
This is a method applied when it is not enough to lengthen the nose tip by cartilage plasty. An additional cartilage is grafted between the nasal septum and the alar cartilage to elongate the nose tip. The most commonly used cartilage in this procedure is the nasal septum of the patient.

Cartilage Plasty + Cartilage Graft + Rhinoplasty
The alar cartilage is separated from the cartilage of the nose bridge and moved forward, and a support is created using the nasal septum so that it does not get pulled upward. If necessary, a silicone implant may be used to heighten the nose bridge as a way to improve the appearance of a short nose.

Short Nose Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01Overexposure of the nostrils from the frontal view

case 02The nose is short and upturned

case 03The nose has become upturned due to contracture caused by an implant

case 04Congenitally underdeveloped nose bones and cartilages, etc.

Surgery That Can Be Combined with iWELL’s Short Nose Surgery

Short nose and low nose bridge?

3D Sculpting Nose Surgery

Combining short nose surgery with 3D sculpting nose surgery that raises the nose bridge will lead to even more satisfying results.

iWELL’s Short/Upturned Nose Surgery: Before & After Photos

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