Alar Reduction

When the alar of nose is wide and flabby, the nose looks lower and the nostrils look bigger, giving impression that it is not fashionable. In this case, alar reduction can make the perfect nose to match the balance of the face by reducing the overall width of the alar of the nose and changing the size of the nostrils

Alar reduction method

Reduce the skin of alar of the nose

It is performed when the skin of alar is thick or has a lot of soft tissues, the lower skin of the nostril is excised and sutured to gather the nostrils. The incision line is located at the boundary between the alar and the cheek, so the scar is hardly noticeable.

Put inside of alar together

This procedure is used when the alar is not spreading too much and only the lower part of the nostril is wide, after the area underneath the nostril is micro-incised, put inside of alar together by tying the gap between the nostrils with a special thread. Advantages include minimal incision to leave no visible scar after surgery.

Who needs alar reduction?

  • When the width of alar is wide and the nose looks stubby
  • When the nasal dorsum is high but the nasal tip appears to be spreading.
  • When the nose looks like an arrowhead due to the sagging alar
  • When the shape of the alar is not in harmony with the face

Before and After of alar reduction