Nose Surgery with Autologous Tissue

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Nose Surgery with Autologous Tissue

This is a surgical procedure where autologous or donated dermis and cartilage are used to enhance the height of the nose bridge and redesign the nose tip, instead of using artificial implants such as silicone or Gore-Tex implants. The autologous tissue gets grafted into the area, without any side effects associated with augmentation rhinoplasty using implants such as infection, contracture, and visible implant. Unlike implants, it is safe against impact and during strenuous activity, and the nasal tissue will feel soft, almost like the way it did before the procedure. Even in case of inflammation after surgery, it can be treated solely with antibiotics without any corrective or removal procedure.

Autologous Tissues Used in Rhinoplasty

Autologous Dermis

The dermis tissue that can be used in rhinoplasty is collected from the area below the tailbone, which is the thickest layer of skin in the body, or the groin area. It is used in place of an implant such as a silicone implant. It is soft to the touch and moves easily, so the nose ends up looking natural as though it is completely real.

Ear Cartilage

The ear cartilage exhibits curvature in multiple directions, and taking advantage of this anatomical characteristic, the ear cartilage is used to redesign the nose tip or if the septal nasal cartilage is insufficient. However, the amount that can be removed from the ear is limited, as it cannot be regenerated.

Chest Cartilage

There is a sufficient amount of cartilage in the chest area for transfer to another part of the body and the cartilage from this area has particularly good strength. This is why it is often used to fix a problematic nose (short nose, contracture, et.), and it may also be used when it is not possible to take the ear cartilage or septal nasal cartilage due to previous procedures.

Ground Cartilage

This is a type of cartilage that has been ground after collection. It is hardened after being shaped according to the patient’s nose shape before use. It does not cause any foreign body sensation and helps create a natural-looking nose. The use of ground cartilage can also prevent crookedness and hardening.

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, we propose the most suitable method of surgery according to the individual needs and condition of the patient, based on our extensive experience and know-how in plastic surgery. Multiple types of autologous tissue may be used or autologous tissue and minimal implant may be used in combination depending on the patient’s condition in order to bring forth the best possible results.

Selection of Autologous Tissue According to Surgical Site

Incision Method for Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery Using Artificial Implants(Silicone, Gore-Tex, etc.)
  • There may be a foreign body reaction
  • Must practice caution when touching the nose after surgery
  • Must always practice caution to avoid impact
  • The implant may be visible
  • The implant cannot become part of the body tissue
  • Implant removal or corrective surgery is necessary in the event of inflammation
Nose Surgery Using Autologous Tissue(iWELL)
  • No foreign body reaction, as it is one’s own tissue
  • Can touch the nose once it has become fully grafted
  • No need to worry about impact
  • The nose shape is natural without any visible implants
  • The tissue will become part of the nasal tissue once it survives
  • Antibiotics are adequate for treating inflammation


Worried That Your Nose Won’t Become Taller?

To those who are concerned about the effectiveness of using autologous tissue,
we recommended a procedure that combines the use of autologous tissue and a minimal amount of implant.
This helps ensure a natural appearance of the nose after surgery as well as minimizing potential adverse effects that can result from the use of an implant.
Because the autologous tissue integrates well with the structural tissue of the nose bridge and nose tip, you can gain a beautiful nose with contours that look smooth and refined from any angle of view and the implant will not be visible even if the skin is too thin.

Autologous Tissue Nose Surgery Procedure

Collection of autologous tissue from the predetermined area and suture

Incision in the surgical site and separation of tissue

Collection of the septal nasal cartilage, if necessary

Designing of the autologous tissue according to the surgical site

Shaping of the nose tip using autologous tissue (septal nasal cartilage, ear cartilage, autologous dermis, etc.)

Shaping of the nose bridge (intercostal cartilage, autologous dermis, etc.)

Suture and dressing of the surgical site

Nose Surgery with Autologous Tissue: Before & After Photos

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