Short nose/lifted nose

A short nose is a case of short and lifted nose and is often called a hog nose because the front side of the nostrils are exposed when you look at the face from the front. Short nose surgery, which extends the length of the nose and reduces the exposure of the nostrils, is one of the most difficult operations among rhinoplasty, so it must be performed by experienced plastic surgeon to obtain satisfactory results.

How is the short/lifted nose surgery done?

01Cartilage plasty

This method is suitable for a slightly short nose (lifted nose). When the alar cartilage of the nose which is climbing up is fixed downward, cartilage appears to be long extended downward.

02Cartilage graft

This method is used when it is not enough to increase the length of the nose tip by cartilage plasty. The extra cartilage graft between the septum and the alar cartilage allows for a definite increase in the nose tip. At this time, the cartilage that is mainly used is the septum cartilage of the patient himself.

03Cartilage plasty + Cartilage graft + Augmentation rhinoplasty

Separate the alar cartilage from the cartilage of the nose, place it forward, and use a septum cartilage to prevent the cartilage from pulling back. If necessary, silicone implants can be used to raise the nasal dorsum, making it easier to improve the short nose.

Who needs short nose/lifted nose surgery?

  • When you see a lot of nostrils from the front
  • When the nose is short and nose tip is lifted
  • When the nose becomes snub nose by implant contracture after nose surgery
  • When the development of nasal bone or cartilage is lacking congenitally

Before and After of Short Nose/Lifted Nose