Slim-fit Bulbous Nasal Tip Surgery

Asians are more likely to have a bulbous nose which has a thick and flat spread of skin on the tip of the nose. This is a nose type commonly seen in Korea, the cartilage of the nose is small and the skin is thick. In case of the bulbous nose, it gives an unsophisticated impression, so we correct the cartilage and removes the fat layer under the skin to make a slim and prominent nose.

Why, choose iWell’s Slim-fit Bulbous Nasal Tip Surgery?

  • Precise analysis through 3D-CT
    iWell slim fit Bulbous Nasal Tip Surgery is performed after precise analysis through 3D-CT with extended scanning area. Depending on the size and proportion of the patient's face, the dorsum of nose, the tip of nose, the columella of nose, and philtrum are taken into consideration to create a natural and harmonious nose shape.
  • The shape of the nose with the overall harmony of the face
    iWell slim fit Bulbous Nasal Tip Surgery finishes the most harmonious and ideal shape of the nose by considering the angle between the tip of the nose and the philtrum, and the lip, so it can be changed into a beautiful and slender nose shape and a stylish ideal.
  • Clearly remove unnecessary subcutaneous fat from nose tip
    iWell slim fit Bulbous Nasal Tip Surgery makes a slim and prominent nasal tip because it removes a subcutaneous fat layer and puts the cartilage together when alar is thick due to the overgrown fat layer.

Only iWell’s surgical tools for bulbous nose surgery!

Completed patent application for
'Cartilage Retractor for bulbous nose surgery'

iWell slim fit bulbous nasal tip surgical tools based on continuous research and unique know-how, 'Cartilage Retractor for bulbous nasal tip surgery', has been patented by the Korean Patent Office in recognition of its stability and outstanding surgical effects. This surgical tool is designed to be optimized for the Asian’s bulbous nasal tip surgery, which allows the patient to be satisfied because it is possible to perform the bulbous nasal tip surgery to maximize the frontal effect more effectively while minimizing damage to the nasal cartilage.

Only iWell’s know -how

The tip of the nose is the part that best expresses the sophistication of the nose. No matter how high your nose is, it is hard to bring beauty back if the tip of your nose is stubby and spread.
To make the tip of the nose stylish, the anatomy of the tip of the nose needs to be precisely identified and operated accordingly. In the case of women, the bridge of the nose from the side forms a line of the midline between the straight line and the half padded sock, and the straight-half toe of a padded sock with the tip of the nose being slightly elevated is preferred as a nose which can show the feminine beauty.
Since iWell’s Slim-fit fortunate nose surgery removes the subcutaneous fat layer precisely by experienced medical staff, the frontal effect improves to a sharp and stylish line of nose shape even when viewed from the front as well as for the side, so satisfaction is high .

Types of bulbous nasal tip

Slim-fit Bulbous Nasal Tip Surgery process

When the alar cartilage of the nose is spread to the left and right

The alar cartilage is dissected and trimmed down, then the left and right sides of the alar cartilage are sutured to naturally gather the tip of the nose.

When the alar cartilage of the nose is large

Trim the cartilage and suture both sides to naturally gather the nostrils.

When subcutaneous tissue of nasal tip is thick

Removes subcutaneous fat and unnecessary soft tissue to reduce underlying skin thickness

Before and After of Bulbous Nose Surgery