Pre- and Post-Op Care

Minimize adverse effects and make a speedy recovery with satisfying results!

Pre-Op Precautions

A must-read if you will be administered anesthesia

No smoking, drinking or eating the day before (incl. water)

No nail polish, accessories or contact lenses

Wear a loose top with a zipper or buttons on the front that is easy to wear and take off

Use public transportation

Post-Op Precautions

Take the prescribed drugs

No smoking or drinking for a month after surgery

Thorough care of the surgical site (watch the instructions video)

Do not drive immediately after surgery

Home Care After Plastic Surgery

Required materials : Cotton swab (individually packaged) for disinfection, sterile gauze and sterile saline solution (for wound disinfection)

Sufficiently dampen the gauze with a saline solution

* Do not touch the area soaked in the saline solution!

Cover the surgical site with the gauze

* After nose surgery, roll the end of the gauze and place it on the incision sites near the nostrils!

Remove the gauze after 5 minutes

Remove the secretions that did not come offwith the gauze by using a cotton swab

* Gently remove the secretions and be careful not to widen the incision

Apply ointment

Preparation: Disinfecting cotton swab (individually packed)/ sterilizing gauze / sterilizing saline solution / povidone (Betadine solution for disinfection)

Fully soak gauze with saline solution

* Do not touch the area with saline solution with hands!

Slightly press gauze on the area of surgery

* Do not smear!

Remove gauze after 5 minutes

Apply povidone and wait until it is dried out

Cover the sterilized gauze or band on the wounded area


– 1 or 2 days after the surgery: Mild drink without solid ingredients
– 2 weeks after the surgery: Liquid food not to be chewed

<How to apply pack>

Cold pack for 3 days after the surgery and hot pack afterwards

*Make sure that it is not too hot when applying hot pack. Turn around in every 15 seconds using microwaves.

<How to disinfect>

– Gargle with Hexamedine Solution 15mL you receive from the hospital, so that it directly applies to incised area
– Make sure not to have high pressure when gargling
– It is possible to use other gargle after using all 2 bottles of gargle provided
– Make sure to brush teeth with gargle without stimulating the area