iWELL’s Orthognathic Surgery

Retaining the functions of the jaws and teeth and
restoring balance in the face!

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is commonly known as the double jaw surgery.
It is a surgical procedure that corrects the bite by realigning the upper and lower jaws when the upper jaw (maxilla) and the lower jaw (mandible) are misaligned or not functioning properly. As a result, it helps create a more beautiful-looking face shape. Unlike facial contouring surgery, which involves partial removal of the bones, this surgical procedure moves the jawbones by performing osteotomy on the upper and lower jaws as a way to address various issues such as a protruding chin, facial asymmetry, protruding mouth, long face, etc. This helps improve the functional aspect in relation to chewing and speaking and create a beautiful yet natural-looking face shape.

01 Osteotomy is performed on the upper and lower jaws.
02 The upper and lower jaws are realigned.
03 The bones are fixed in place with pins.


Duration of Surgery

2~3 hours


General Anesthesia


2 days

Recovery Period

2 weeks~1 month

Suture Removal

After 2 weeks

Is Osteotomy the Only Key Factor in Orthognathic Surgery?

When it comes to orthognathic surgery, it is important to predict the post-op appearance after
performing osteotomy without damaging the surrounding nerves.
At iWELL, we use a 4D high-precision diagnosis system to identify the locations of nerves and blood vessels and assess the state of the muscles
and fat as well as the bone structure and movement.
Based on this in-depth analysis, we proceed with an individually tailored procedure.
Even a tiny difference of 1~2mm can have a major impact on the functions and sensations,
so it is highly important to ensure safety and accuracy during this procedure.

With respect to orthognathic surgery, the cosmetic and functional aspects
as well as safety and accuracy must be taken into consideration. What is more important than applying
new surgical methods is to improve the functions without damaging the original
functions and to ensure that the jaws and face shape are left undamaged by the procedure.

iWELL’s Differentiated Orthognathic Surgery

First Generation Second Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation
Difference Improvement of the jaw function Improvement of the jaw function + Cosmetic improvement Reinforced cosmetic improvement (orthognathic + facial contouring surgery) Improvement of the jaw function + Maximized cosmetic improvement

A Different Starting Process
Instead of solely focusing on correcting the bite, we perform a thorough review of the facial structure using a high-precision 3D CT scan prior to surgery so as to predict the results when planning for surgery. This helps us produce more accurate and satisfying results.

Emphasis on Natural Appearance
We perform orthognathic surgery that has been optimized for Asian faces, instead of trying to aim for a standardized face shape. This helps us accentuate the attractive traits of each patient with an optimum ratio determined individually, and this results in a beautiful and youthful appearance that seems natural.

Safe Orthognathic Surgery System

At iWELL, we perform orthognathic surgery in a safe surgical environment
where there are proper anesthesia and emergency response systems in place.
There is a full-time anesthesiologist at the clinic, and there is also university hospital-grade equipment that allows us
to be prepared for extraordinary situations that may potentially occur during surgery.

Cutting-Edge Monitoring Equipment

Real-time monitoring of the patient’s condition during surgery


The one and only treatment agent for malignant hyperthermia


A drug that helps patients recover more quickly from anesthesia


A device that allows surgery to proceed even during power outage

Plasma Disinfection and Sterilization System

A high-tech disinfection and sterilization system for flawless sanitization

Emergency Cricothyrotomy Equipment

Equipment for securing the airway in an emergency situation

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Fast response to an emergency situation

Safety Control System

for Zero Accidents and Incidents

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, we not only have a full-time anesthesiologist but also a safe surgery system comprised of an interruptible power supply (UPS) enabling continued operation of the surgical equipment even during an unforeseeable power failure, automated external defibrillator (AED) in the event of an emergency, post-op real-time patient monitoring equipment, etc.

Full-time anesthesiologist specializing in plastic surgery
Accurate and thorough examination and testing for safe anesthesia
Emergency equipment and AED
UPS to prepare against power failures
Cutting-edge anesthesia system
Dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia
Disinfection and sterilization system for safety
Blood test equipment for thorough testing prior to surgery

Real Name Plastic Surgeon System

(Dedicated Plastic Surgeon from Consultation to Surgery)

The plastic surgeon assigned to you will provide you with consultation, perform the operation, and check the progress afterwards. Individually customized orthognathic surgery is performed based on a thorough plan formulated by the plastic surgeon, consideration of the functional issues and the cosmetic improvements desired by the patient.

No substitute plastic surgeons


Simultaneous Cosmetic and Functional


Through Collaborative Care by Medical Specialists

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, plastic surgeons, orthodontists and anesthesiologists work together based on their exceptional expertise and the interdisciplinary treatment system in order to provide patients with highly satisfying results marked by functional and cosmetic improvements.

Based on Thorough Pre-Op Examination

Systematic Surgical Planning

In order to ensure safety and satisfying results, a wide range of exams and tests are performed including a blood test and tests for adult diseases, in addition to the ones requiring the use of state-of-the-art equipment including low-dose 3D-CT and X ray. A surgical plan is devised based on a comparative analysis of the actual facial contours of the patient and the ideal facial contours, based on the patient’s bone structure, dental model, etc

For Speedy Response to Emergency Situations

We Have Orphan Drugs Available

At iWELL, we are stocked with dantrolene and Bridion, which are typically found only at university hospitals and general hospitals. We have an emergency safety system to better prepare for emergency situations and ensure patient safety.

Dantrolene The one and only treatment agent for malignant hyperthermia which can occur in patients under general anesthesia, albeit rarely
Bridion A drug that helps maintain a safe anesthetized state and facilitates speedy recovery from anesthesia
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