Orthognathic Surgery by Type

Guaranteed correction based on a precise diagnosis of each case

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Facts & Myths about Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is dangerous?
It could be, but it doesn’t have to be.
If orthognathic surgery is performed to address the problems that it is intended for, based on an accurate diagnosis, then it is a highly effective procedure. However, if it is performed beyond its intended scope of application, it may be dangerous and result in irrevocable outcomes.
How desperate for beauty must you be to undergo orthognathic surgery?
You might be able to achieve beauty with facial contouring.
Orthognathic surgery is effective for cases in which facial contouring is not suitable: problems with dental occlusion, serious problems with the jawbone, severe facial asymmetry, or excessive vertical growth of the gums. The objective of surgery is not only functional improvement but also cosmetic enhancement, but it should be noted that this is not the type of surgery you should choose simply because you want to look more beautiful.

At iWELL, we promise you high satisfaction by performing safe and accurate surgery
that improves the function of the jaw and brings forth cosmetic enhancements based on
our abundant expertise and experience in orthognathic surgery.

Orthognathic surgery of Each type

#long chin

accompanied by malocclusion

The cases in which the patient has a jutting chin with protruding lower jawbone and teeth are classified as Class 2 malocclusion. In severe cases, chewing food properly can be difficult, and corrective treatment may first be obtained from a dentist. However, even after dental treatment, the prominent chin may appear long and pronounced. In some cases, a double chin may occur, and in order to address this issue, orthognathic surgery and facial contouring surgery (chin surgery) must be performed in conjunction.

#long face

considering the width of the face

Orthognathic surgery is carried out for correction purposes when the patient’s face is long and more than 3mm of the gums show when smiling. If the patient has a long face and philtrum but the gums are not significantly exposed or the patient has an excessively long lower jaw, long curved square jaw reduction surgery and chin surgery are performed simultaneously to create a more balanced appearance.



In case the midline of the face is crooked, osteotomy is performed on the upper and lower jaws and parts of the bones are removed and repositioned in order to restore symmetry to the face. If only the midline of the lower jaw is crooked, the chin is moved forward, backward, left or right as a way to refine the contours of the face. Facial asymmetry is often accompanied by a jutting chin, protruding mouth, receding chin, etc. Surgery for correcting facial asymmetry can address the issues of pronunciation, pain, discomfort during chewing, and strain on the neck and shoulders, and it can also help achieve functional improvement by realigning the midline of the face.

Protruding mouth & receding chin

#protrudingmouth + #recedingchin

A protruding mouth is characterized by protruding teeth and gums (alveolar bones), while the upper and lower jawbones are normal. There are more Asians with protruding mouths than Caucasians, and when adenoid hypertrophy is left untreated during the growth and development phase, the front teeth will move more forward, and the face shape will ultimately be changed. If the alveolar bones are protruding out or the lips should be moved backward by at least 4mm, protruding mouth surgery may be performed to restore balance to the face shape and help achieve a cosmetic improvement.

Short chin

#receding chin

A person with a small or short chin or a chin that projects slightly backward will typically appear to have a protruding mouth and may not be able to close his/her mouth. In such cases, receding chin surgery may be performed to address the problem. If the chin is excessively short, osteotomy is performed on the chin, which is then moved forward and fixed in place. If the face is a bit long, surgery is carried out to create balance between the upper and lower jaws for an overall harmony of the face. If the patient has both a protruding mouth and a receding chin, three jaw surgery is recommended to achieve more natural-looking results.

Orthognathic Surgery Procedure

Orthognathic surgery is recommended to patients with long upper (maxillary) and/or lower (mandible) jaws,
malocclusion, an asymmetrical face, protruding mouth, etc.

Osteotomy is performed on the upper and lower jawbones.

The upper and lower jawbones are realigned.

The bones are fixed in place with pins.

Mandibular Surgery

Mandibular (lower jaw) surgery, which involves moving the entire jawbones backward, is recommended to
patients with an excessively jutting chin even though the length of their face is normal

Chin Surgery

This surgery, which is applicable to both jutting chins and receding chins,
involves performing osteotomy on the middle part of the chin to adjust the length of the chin or reposition the chin.

Safety Control System

for Zero Accidents and Incidents

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, we not only have a full-time anesthesiologist but also a safe surgery system comprised of an interruptible power supply (UPS) enabling continued operation of the surgical equipment even during an unforeseeable power failure, automated external defibrillator (AED) in the event of an emergency, post-op real-time patient monitoring equipment, etc.

Full-time anesthesiologist specializing in plastic surgery
Accurate and thorough examination and testing for safe anesthesia
Emergency equipment and AED
UPS to prepare against power failures
Cutting-edge anesthesia system
Dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia
Disinfection and sterilization system for safety
Blood test equipment for thorough testing prior to surgery

Real Name Plastic Surgeon System

(Dedicated Plastic Surgeon from Consultation to Surgery)

The plastic surgeon assigned to you will provide you with consultation, perform the operation, and check the progress afterwards. Individually customized orthognathic surgery is performed based on a thorough plan formulated by the plastic surgeon, consideration of the functional issues and the cosmetic improvements desired by the patient.

No substitute plastic surgeons


Simultaneous Cosmetic and Functional


Through Collaborative Care by Medical Specialists

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, plastic surgeons, orthodontists and anesthesiologists work together based on their exceptional expertise and the interdisciplinary treatment system in order to provide patients with highly satisfying results marked by functional and cosmetic improvements.

Based on Thorough Pre-Op Examination

Systematic Surgical Planning

In order to ensure safety and satisfying results, a wide range of exams and tests are performed including a blood test and tests for adult diseases, in addition to the ones requiring the use of state-of-the-art equipment including low-dose 3D-CT and X ray. A surgical plan is devised based on a comparative analysis of the actual facial contours of the patient and the ideal facial contours, based on the patient’s bone structure, dental model, etc

For Speedy Response to Emergency Situations

We Have Orphan Drugs Available

At iWELL, we are stocked with dantrolene and Bridion, which are typically found only at university hospitals and general hospitals. We have an emergency safety system to better prepare for emergency situations and ensure patient safety.

Dantrolene The one and only treatment agent for malignant hyperthermia which can occur in patients under general anesthesia, albeit rarely
Bridion A drug that helps maintain a safe anesthetized state and facilitates speedy recovery from anesthesia
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