Facial Contouring Injection

A non-surgical procedure for a slimmer face without sagging skin

#fastdisappearance of swelling and fat
#slimandsmallface without #painfulsurgery

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iWELL’s Facial Contouring Injection Is Recommended For/To

case 01Undesirable face shape caused by excess fat or sagging skin rather than a problem with the bones or muscles

case 02Reluctance to undergo facial contouring surgery or excess fat in certain areas of the face

case 03Those for whom facial contouring surgery was ineffective due to excess fat/skin


Special Characteristics of iWELL’s Facial Contouring Injection

Accurate Assessment
The cause behind the undesirable face shape is accurately assessed (i.e. problem with the bones, muscles or fat tissue), based on which a solution is provided.
Procedure Performed by Experienced Plastic Surgeon
A plastic surgeon will perform the assessment and procedure. An appropriate amount of the injection and suitable injection sites are determined based on iWELL’s know-how.
Definite Results
Problems associated with the area requiring a facial contouring injection such as sagging skin, a wide face, and an angular face are identified and addressed to bring forth satisfying results.
Fast Effectiveness
Special injections are mixed based on the clinical experience of the staff at iWELL to produce fast and definite results.

Facial Contouring Injection Cases by Area

Area Below the Ears
Double Chin
01 Cheekbones
If there is excess fat over the cheekbones, the face may appear wider than it actually is. In this case, a facial contouring injection procedure can help create a slimmer and smoother face shape.
02 Area Below the Ears
The skin under the ears may start to sag due to aging or after facial contouring surgery, and this can make the face appear wide and long. In this case, the facial contouring injection procedure can help create a slimmer face with a V line.
03 Cheeks
If there is excess skin or fat in the cheek area around the mouth, it can cause bulging or sagging jowls, which tend to make you appear older. The facial contouring injection procedure can help create a more youthful appearance with a slimmer face.
04 Double Chin
If there is excessive fat buildup under the chin, it results in a double chin as well as sagging jowls and outer corners of the mouth. In this case, the facial contouring injection procedure can help reduce the fat and make the face appear smaller and slimmer.

iWELL’s Facial Contouring Injection: Before & After Photos

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