Dewy Injection

Hydrated and firmer skin with a radiant glow

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Dewy Injection

Hydration is a must when it comes to preventing the aging of the skin. However, cosmetic products that are designed to hydrate the face aren’t very effective in preventing skin aging, and their shortcomings can be overcome with the dewy injection procedure.
The dewy injection procedure involves injecting the deep parts of the skin with hyaluronic acid that can hold 200 to 300 times the moisture retained by the skin cells and this helps boost skin elasticity and moisture.


Duration of Surgery

Approx. 10 minutes


Topical Anesthetic (may be skipped)



Recovery Period

No Downtime

Suture Removal


Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that can absorb and hold moisture that is 1,000 times its own weight inside the skin, and this is why it is a key ingredient that helps achieve younger-looking skin. It is involved in the storage and diffusion of growth factors and nutrients and the maintenance of a space between cells. It also boosts skin elasticity and moisture retention to help the skin appear dewy and hydrated with a radiant glow.

iWELL’s Dewy Injection Effects

  • 01.Clean and Clear Skin with a Radiant Glow
    It promotes collagen and fibroblast production, which in turns helps the skin tone appear clearer and more radiant.
  • 02.Moisturization
    It helps reinforce the soft tissue of the skin, thereby diminishing the fine lines and firming the entire face.
  • 03.Supple Skin without Signs of Aging
    It promotes antioxidation and cell functions, thereby preventing skin aging.
  • 04.Effective Hydration
    It is directly injected into the skin to hydrate it from deep within. This in turn helps boost skin elasticity and moisture and add a healthy glow to the skin.

iWELL’s Dewy Injection Effects

Improved Skin Tone

Transforms dull skin into clean and clear skin / Diminishes pigmentation (melasma, blemishes, etc.) / Whitens and brightens the skin

Improved Elasticity and Antiaging Effect

Diminishes fine lines / Prevents skin aging / Improves skin elasticity


Helps reduce tightness after cleansing / Improves dryness caused by transitional weather / Eliminates dead skin cells

Why Is the Dewy Injection Necessary

to Hydrate the Skin?

Many people use hydration cream, or take skin-hydrating supplements, or drink ion supply drinks in order to hydrate their skin, but they actually do not have any direct impact on skin hydration. This is why we recommend the dewy injection procedure.

Restylane VS Yvoire

Restylan Yvoire
Product Image
Active Ingredient Hyaluronic acid (HA) Hyaluronic acid (HA)
Type Gel type Gel type
Characteristics • Effective in diminishing fine lines and boosting skin elasticity
• Hydrates the skin, promotes collagen generation, and improves complexion
• Fast and effective way to replenish moisture
• Effective in improving the skin tone and elasticity
Approval US FDA KFDA


Special Characteristics of iWELL’s Dewy Injection Procedure

It is safe as it is comprised of hyaluronic acid that is found in the skin
Non-Surgical Method
It is a non-surgical procedure that causes almost no disruption in your everyday life.
Minimal Pain
A topical anesthetic is applied prior to the procedure to reduce the pain felt during the procedure.
Lasting Results
The procedure produces long-lasting results.
Customized Procedure
This procedure combined with filler and/or Botox injections can lead to even more satisfying results.

iWELL’s Dewy Injection Procedure Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those with dull complexion

case 02Those who have dry skin, which makes makeup application difficult

case 03Those who feel tightness in the skin after cleansing

case 04Those who have fine lines around the eyes and/or mouth or on the forehead and/or glabella

case 05Those with sagging skin caused by reduced skin elasticity

case 06Those who feel that a tub of hydration cream is not enough when the weather is dry

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