Post-Op Care System

A crucial part of facial contouring surgery is post-op care!

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(Only after square jaw surgery)

Suture removal (1)

(below the ears)

Laser for swelling alleviation

High frequency stimulation

(Zygoma reduction, square jaw or chin surgery: 3 times, Quick zygoma reduction: 2 times)

※ The laser treatment for swelling relief and the high frequency stimulation therapy are performed over the course of 4 sessions (1 laser treatment and 3 high frequency treatments). If you want additional after care treatments, please talk to our staff at the front desk.

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Special Characteristics of the Facial Contouring Care System

The general direction of a surgical procedure can be foreseen, based on the degree of experience and skills of the medical staff involved, but the actual results can vary significantly depending on the post-op care. At iWELL, we administer a systematic and individually customized post-op care program based on the patient’s individual characteristics and degree of recovery in order to minimize discomfort, facilitate recovery and ensure satisfying results.

Swelling and Bruising

Laser treatment is provided after surgery to help tighten the blood vessels and heal any tissues that have been damaged. It also helps promote blood and lymph circulation to minimize swelling and bruising.

Pain Control

A patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump is provided to patients who are scared of or cannot withstand the pain after surgery so that they can alleviate pain and recover faster.

Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity care is provided to promote cell functions to facilitate metabolic activity and to increase collagen and elastin synthesis in order to boost skin elasticity and prevent sagging of the cheeks.

Skin Regeneration

High frequency stimulation therapy is provided to promote skin regeneration and heal the damaged skin tissues for a speedy recovery.

iWELL’s Customized Facial Contouring Care System

At iWELL, an esthetician specializing in post-op care
personally provides one-on-one care to each patient.

This is an aftercare program that is comprised of four sessions
(1 laser treatment and 3 high frequency treatments).
*Quick zygoma reduction: 1 laser treatment and 2 high frequency treatments

On the Day of Surgery


Patient Room

A place where the patient can rest comfortable in a relaxing environment after surgery

After Care Services

Pumpkin concentrate, ice pack, mask, etc. that help alleviate swelling are provided

Post-op swelling management
(High Frequency RF)



At iWELL, we use SmartLux (or Heallight Laser) for medical use to provide therapeutic care to the patient after a facial contouring procedure to minimize swelling and edema. SmartLux laser for swelling alleviation not only helps reduce edema after surgery but also effectively alleviates pain. Also, high frequency energy is delivered deep into the skin to promote collagen synthesis in the dermis, which helps boost skin elasticity.

Spot Cleansing

Facial Cleansing (1)

Facial Cleansing (2) & Massage

Steam Massage

High Frequency Care

Modeling Pack (Once)

One-on-One Progress Monitoring by the Medical Staff


Checking Progress Using 3D-CT

An in-depth analysis is performed by the plastic surgeon in charge using high-resolution 3D-CT before and after surgery

One-on-One After Care

The progress after surgery is checked by the plastic surgeon in charge

Precautions After Facial Contouring Surgery


Avoid lowering your head or lying down in the prone position. When sleeping, have a high pillow support your head as a way to reduce swelling and pain as quickly as possible.
Sleeping on the side or in the prone position is not advised.


It is recommended that you consume soft food or drink (liquid diet: rice gruel, milk, juice, etc.) for two weeks after surgery.
It is generally possible to eat regular food after two weeks, but make sure to avoid hard and tough foods (e.g. dried squid, nuts, etc.) for two months.


You will experience swelling and bruising for the first couple of days after surgery, but they will naturally disappear over time.
It is recommended that you use an ice pack for three days after surgery and a hot pack afterwards. Make sure to wrap the ice/hot pack with a clean and thin towel or handkerchief before use.

Wound Care

In case an incision was made inside the mouth for the facial contouring procedure, it is highly important that you gargle often after surgery as a way to prevent infection and inflammation.
In case an incision was made inside the mouth for the facial contouring procedure, it is highly important that you gargle often after surgery as a way to prevent infection and inflammation.
You can start brushing your teeth two weeks after surgery, but in the beginning, you must be careful not to come into contact with the incision site with a strong impact (You can use a toothbrush for kids to carefully brush your teeth and tongue with a mouth wash two days after surgery prior to suture removal).

Cleansing and Showering

You can start taking a light shower the day after surgery.
It is advised that you wash your face gently with relaxed hands using water so as to prevent irritation.
You can bathe or go to a sauna (incl. jjimjilbang or Korean-style sauna) after four weeks.


A light exercise (walking or taking a stroll) during the day can help reduce swelling at night.
Strenuous exercise such as aerobics or weight training must be avoided for eight weeks.
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