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Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of the Terms and Conditions is to set forth the matters in relation to the conditions and procedures for using the services provided by iWELL Plastic Surgery, the rights of iWELL Plastic Surgery and its users as well as the definitions of terms, responsibilities, etc.

Article 2 Effectiveness of the Terms and Conditions and Changes Thereto

(1) The Terms and Conditions will come into effect as soon as they are notified to the user.
(2) iWELL Plastic Surgery may amend the Terms and Conditions in case of changes to its circumstances or for any other important reasons in relation to its business operations. The amended provisions will take effect through the method specified in the previous paragraph.

Article 3 Other Regulations

As for matters not specified in the Terms and Conditions, the related laws and regulations, if any, should be observed.


Article 1 Definition of “Member”

The term, “member,” means an ordinary individual who is deemed fitting as a member by iWELL Plastic Surgery and who has agreed to the Terms and Conditions, filled out the membership registration form, and been issued a user ID and password.

Article 2 Granting of Membership

(1) Membership registration process will be complete once permission for the use of its services is granted by iWELL Plastic Surgery in response to the application submitted by the user in question and the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions.
(2) Those wishing to register as a member and use the services provided by iWELL Plastic Surgery must provide the personal information requested by iWELL Plastic Surgery.
(3) After a membership application has been approved, iWELL Plastic Surgery may notify the applicant of any necessary information including user ID.
(4) Users cannot change their IDs after registration. Only one ID will be issued to each user.
(5) iWELL Plastic Surgery will not approve of membership applications in case of any of the following:
A. The applicant used the name of another individual in the application;
B. The applicant did not use his/her real name in the application;
C. The applicant provided falsified information in the application;
D. The applicant submitted the application for the purpose of undermining social order, customs, morals, etc.

Article 3 Use of Services and Restrictions

(1) The services will be provided 24 hours a day throughout the year, unless there are technical or administrative difficulties.
(2) The services may, however, be suspended for the purpose of routine system inspections or as deemed necessary by iWELL Plastic Surgery after such is notified to the members in advance.
(3) Online consultation services may not be available 24 hours a day, depending on the circumstances of the doctors responsible for answering patients’ questions.

Article 4 Service Fees

(1) The services are provided, free of charge, to all registered users.
(2) In case iWELL Plastic Surgery decides to charge service fees, it will notify users of the effective date, related policy, and amount of fees before it comes into effect.


Article 1 Deregistration

(1) A user who wishes to deregister from the website must send an e-mail to the administrator requesting deregistration.
(2) The user must inform the administrator of his/her name, user ID, phone number, and reason for deregistration. The administrator will deregister the user after comparing the information with the registration records.
(3) The user can check whether he/she has been deregistered by trying to log in using his/her user ID and password. If access is not granted, it means the deregistration process has been completed.

Article 2 Re-registration

(1) If a user who has deregistered from the services in accordance Article 1 wishes to re-register, he/she should send an e-mail to the administrator requesting re-registration.
(2) The user must inform the administrator of his/her name, user ID, and phone number as a way to prove his/her identity in order to re-register.
(3) if it is logged in with your existing ID password, rejoin has been done.

Article 3 Restrictions Against Users

iWELL Plastic Surgery may terminate the user agreement it has concluded with certain users or suspend users for a designated period of time in case they fall under any of the following cases:

A. Undermining social order, customs, morals, etc.;
B. Involved in criminal activities;
C. Planning to use or using the services for the purpose of undermining national interests or public interests;
D. Defaming or causing disadvantages to others;
E. Registering under multiple IDs;
F. Preventing sound operation or use of the services;
G. Violating any of the related laws or regulations or the terms and conditions of use set forth by iWELL Plastic Surgery.


Article 1 Online Consultation

Article 1 Online Consultation
(1) iWELL Plastic Surgery is committed to maintaining information security to prevent the details of the consultations provided to the service users and members from being leaked to a third party, i.e. individuals other than the consulting doctors and service administrators. However, iWELL Plastic Surgery cannot be held liable for the leakage or loss of consultation details in the following cases:
A. Consultation details were obtained by a third party who gained the user’s password due to user negligence;
B. A consultation post was deleted by the user in question using the Delete button;
C. Consultation details were leaked or lost due to a case of force majeure or any other situation that iWELL Plastic Surgery has no control over.
(2) In order to provide a comprehensive and adequate answer to the inquiries submitted by users, the attending doctor and other medical specialists may refer to the content of the consultation and responses.
(3) The details of the consultation services provided on the website may be used for the following purposes without any personal information that may reveal the person’s identity:
A. Academic activities;
B. Publications incl. printed materials and CD-ROMs;
C. Services incl. FAQ and recommendations, etc.
(4) The responses provided in response to the inquiries are subjective and based on the medical knowledge of the medical specialist who provided them, and they are not representative opinions of iWELL Plastic Surgery as a whole.
(5) Any inquiries that fall under any of the following may not be answered, in part or in whole:
A. Repeatedly requesting consultation for the same inquiry;
B. Requesting consultation using expressions that are generally considered rude, coarse, vulgar, etc.;
C. Requesting consultation for the doctor to state a specific diagnosis;
D. Requesting consultation in relation to the treatment costs, examination costs, prices of pharmaceuticals, etc.

Article 2 Information Services

(1) The information provided through the services will be rough and generally applicable and it is for “information provision” purposes only. That is, the information and consultation provided through the services cannot substitute an actual medical diagnosis. The information and consultation provided through the services are not intended to substitute a medical diagnosis, medical care or treatment. Thus, if you have questions or concerns about your health condition, we advise that you visit a doctor to receive a proper diagnosis. Under no circumstances should you ignore a diagnosis given by a doctor or hold off on receiving a proper diagnosis, care or treatment based on the information provided through these services.
(2) The examinations, products or treatments described in the services are not to be mistaken as recommendations from iWELL Plastic Surgery. All the opinions expressed through the services are the opinions of the doctor who provided them. iWELL Plastic Surgery cannot be held liable for any documents or consultations provided through the services.
(3) It is the users’ responsibility to accept or reject the information provided through the services or the opinions of participating doctors, other users or visitors at their own discretion. Therefore, iWELL Plastic Surgery cannot be held liable for any damages, losses, injuries or any other disadvantages caused to a user from his/her decision to follow the recommendations of a certain product, information, idea, or instructions provided through the services.


Article 1 Duties of the Company

(1) iWELL Plastic Surgery will allow users to use the services unless there are no special circumstances to do otherwise.
(2) iWELL Plastic Surgery has the duty to provide the services in a stable and ongoing manner, in accordance with the matters prescribed in these Terms and Conditions.
(3) iWELL Plastic Surgery must appropriately deal with the opinions given by users in accordance with the prescribed procedure. If it is deemed that it will take some time to handle the matter in question, the user in question must be informed of the reason for delay and when it is expected to be dealt with.

Article 2 Duties of Members to Maintain Information Security

Article 2 Duties of Members to Maintain Information Security
(1) It is the members’ responsibility to manage their user IDs and passwords.
(2) By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the members are agreeing to receiving e-mails that are sent as part of the services.
(3) Members must notify iWELL Plastic Surgery if their IDs are wrongfully used.
(4) iWELL Plastic Surgery neither provides nor sells information that can be used to identify a specific individual or any other information, without prior consent from the members or users, to an unassociated third party. However, iWELL Plastic Surgery may use information that has been voluntarily provided by members and users in the following cases:
A. To provide developers with information necessary to develop new features, information and/or services that may be useful to members;
B. To provide statistical information (that cannot be used to identify specific individuals) on members and users to advertisers;
C. To use the information for advertisement or services tailored to the preferences of members and users.
(5) Personally identifying information (e.g. name, ID, e-mail address, etc.) may be voluntarily divulged in the communication spaces such as the message board (hereafter referred to “communication spaces”). In this case, the revealed information may be collected and used by a third party, and the individuals in question may receive unwanted messages from a third party. Such activities by a third party are out of iWELL Plastic Surgery’s control. Therefore, iWELL Plastic Surgery cannot guarantee that such information will not be discovered by a third party using methods that cannot be controlled by iWELL Plastic Surgery.
(6) iWELL Plastic Surgery may use cookies for user convenience. A cookie is a small text file that websites use to keep track of their visitors as a way to facilitate their access and provide personalized services. Generally, cookies work by assigning a unique number that is meaningless outside the website in question to each visitor. Cookies do not infiltrate into the user’s computer system or put the user’s files at risk. iWELL Plastic Surgery cannot prevent its advertisers or a third party from using cookies on the website. Those who do not wish for their information to be collected via cookies can disable this function on their web browsers. However, enabling cookies may be necessary to access and use the services (especially personalized information) without any problems.
(7) iWELL Plastic Surgery may allow mutual provision/utilization of member information among the affiliated partners of the services of the Company.


(1) Disputes over any matters concerning the use of the services, other than what is prescribed in these Terms and Conditions, shall be resolved through mutual agreement, if possible.
(2) In case a lawsuit is filed in relation to a dispute over the use of the services, the court with jurisdiction over the location of the Company shall be named the competent court.

These Terms and Conditions shall take effect on October 26, 2010.