Corrective Nose Surgery

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Corrective Nose Surgery

Corrective surgery is needed in case the resulting nose shape is nothing like what the patient wanted, the implant is visible, the implant has moved or become contorted, or contracture has occurred. Corrective surgery requires the surgeon to be highly meticulous and skilled as there may have already been significant tissue damage. So it is highly important for the plastic surgeon to accurately determine the cause of the problem and come up with a surgical plan through sufficient consultation with the patient.


Duration of Surgery

2 hours





Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

7일, 14일 (녹는 실도 가능)

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Best Time for Corrective Surgery

• It is recommended that the corrective surgery be scheduled at least 6 months after the initial surgery.
• If the initial surgery was a simple rhinoplasty procedure that involved making the nose bridge taller, it may be possible to perform corrective surgery within 3 months.
• It is best to undergo corrective surgery after the tissue in and around the surgical site returns to normal, the scarring softens, and the swelling has gone down.
• In many cases, the results of the initial nose surgery will gradually look more natural over the course of 6 months, so it is advised that you make the decision after observing the progress.

Types of Corrective Nose Surgery

Bent Nose Bridge

The implant is removed and a new implant designed according to the desired nose shape is inserted in its place.

Movement of the Implant

The implant will move if it has been inserted under the skin instead of the periosteum. The problem is corrected by repositioning the implant under the periosteum.

Deformation of the Nasal Tip Caused by the Implant

The implant is removed, and the nasal tip is re-shaped using autologous tissue. At I WELL, autologous fascia is wrapped around the cartilage as a way to prevent flushing in the nasal tip.


The scar tissue inside the nose is alleviated to address the contracture, and the problem with the cartilage in the nasal tip is rectified. Afterwards, the nasal tip shape is corrected using autologous cartilage or donated cartilage.

Visible Implant

If the implant is visible due to thin skin, autologous dermis or fat tissue is re-designed according to the patient’s nose shape and the implant is wrapped before being inserted into the area.

Excessively Tall Nose Bridge

The implant is removed and a new implant designed based on the patient’s facial features is inserted to make the nose bridge appear more natural in terms of height and shape.

Drooping Nasal Tip

The nasal septal cartilage is used to create a support for the nasal tip. Nose tip surgery is performed in conjunction with the corrective surgery to make the nose appear taller and more natural.


Why Choose iWELL for Corrective Nose Surgery?

The cause of the problem(s) resulting from the initial surgery is analyzed in a scientific and thorough manner.
A high level of satisfaction is ensured by making an individual diagnosis using the cutting-edge 3D-CT equipment.
A surgical plan is formulated by taking into consideration the patient’s individual characteristics and needs such as his/her facial features and desired nose shape.
A highly skilled plastic surgeon will meticulously perform the procedure, while minimizing tissue damage.

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