Terms of Service


◈ Article 1 (Purpose)

This terms of service are used for internet-based website provided by iWell Plastic Surgery, and it aims to set forth the general matters regarding the use of our users and services.

◈ Article 2 (Effective and Change on the Terms of Service)

① Upon the nature of this Service Contract, this terms of service shall be effective when users agree to mark “check” on the box “I agree to the terms of the above entry” or sign up the membership as agrees to the terms of service.
② iWell Plastic Surgery may change this terms of service, and such changes will be posted online to users for seven days before the changes take effect on the iWell Plastic Surgery website, and effective on the day of the application.
③ Users shall be entitled to a right not to agree with changed terms of service. If not agreeing with changed terms of service, they may eligible to stop using the service and withdraw: Provided, That if users do not indicate “refusal” to iWell Plastic Surgery webpage within 15 days after applying for changed terms of service, it shall be deemed as they have agreed with changed terms of service.

◈ Article 3 (General Rules other than Terms of Service)

① Except as otherwise expressly provided in the terms of service, such matters shall be governed by relevant Act and subordinate statues and general practices.
② Rules for any details not specified in the terms of service may be operated in the form of separate instructions or policies on website and shall be deemed to be set forth in this terms of service.
③ Protection for personal information of a user follows relevant Act and subordinate statues or “Privacy Protection Policies” on the website.

◈ Article 4 (Establishment and Conclusion of Service Contract)

If you prepare for “membership subscription application” and click on “subscribe,” it shall be deemed as you have agreed with terms of service.

◈ Article 5 (Application for Service)

Application is available by entering the following online on the form:
(Name, ID, password, resident registration number, address, telephone number, email address, and etc.)

◈ Article 6 (Acceptance of Application for Service)

Acceptance shall be granted when users accurately enter the information prescribed in the Article 5 and agree with the application.

◈ Article 7 (Changes in Contract)

If the information of a member has been changed from the application, members shall change them online in a person.

◈ Article 8 (Obligations of Website)

① Website shall not disclose or distribute personal information of a member acquired in providing the service without consent of information holder to others. However, if requested by the state organization according to the regulations of relevant laws, or if requested for the investigation of crimes or ethical committee for the information communication, or if required by procedures in other laws, it is of an exception.
② Members shall be held liable for all the results from reckless management or illegal usage of ID or password granted to members.
③ If ID is illegally used, members shall notify the website of such an issue.
④ If personal information of a member (resident registration number and name) suggested when participating in the competition is different from the one of a participant, the qualifications for reward or participation in the competition will be lost.

◈ Article 9 (Service Hours)

① Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if there is no issue on work or technology on the website.
② Service is not available during regular maintenance or days separately determined by the website.
③ Website is eligible to separately determine service hours for each service and shall make notification in this case.

◈ Article 10 (Provision of Information)

Website is eligible to provide various types of information acknowledged to be necessary for members in email or mail.

◈ Article 11 (Posts from the Member)

Website is eligible to delete contents in the service posted or registered by a member without notification if it is relevant to one of the followings:

① If criticizing or defaming others
② If violating public order or beautiful and fine customs
③ If acknowledged with criminal behaviors
④ If infringing rights including the copyright of a third party
⑤ If violating other relevant Act and subordinate statues
⑥ If violating terms and conditions determined by the website
⑦ If representing against features of each post

◈ Article 12 (Copyright of Post)

Rights on the posted information are as follows:

① Rights and responsibilities of post lie in the posting party
② Website cannot be used for the profit without agreement of posting party: Provided, That posting right is granted in the website for non-profit posts.
③ Members shall not commercially use materials posted on the website including the process or sales of information obtained by using service without the agreement of the website.

◈ Article 13 (Suspension of Providing Service)

Website is eligible to suspend providing service in one of the followings:

① If required due to construction including the maintenance of facility for service
② If communication business holder regulated in the Telecommunications Business Act stops electronic communication service
③ If it is difficult to provide normal service due to the national emergency, blackout, problems in service facilities, or explosive usage of service, it is available to limit or stop all or a part of service.

◈ Article 14 (Cancellation or Limit of Service)

① When member wants to cancel the contract, he/she shall apply for cancellation on the website online in person.
② Website is eligible to stop providing service by cancelling the contract without notification in advance or determining the certain period when a member is involved in one of the item from following subparagraphs:

1. If illegally using service ID or password of others
2. If intentionally hindering the operation of service
3. If the name in subscription is not a real name
4. If the same user is registered again with other ID in duplication
5. If intentionally distributing contents that are against public order or beautiful and fine customs
6. If members plan or implement the service for deteriorating national profit or social interest
7. If defaming others or disadvantaging others
8. If violating terms and conditions determined by the website

◈ Article 15 (Compensation for Damage)

Website is not responsible for the damage imposed on a member who uses free service.

◈ Article 16 (Conditions for exemption)

① Website is exempted from responsibilities for providing service if it is not possible to provide one due to natural disaster or other force majeure
② Website is not held liable for the information or data posted by a member or reliability or accuracy of them.
③ Website is not held liable for the issues in using service due to causes attributable to members.
④ Website is not held liable for damage due to data obtained from the service or profit/loss expected in the use of service by a member.