Accusculpt Lifting

With the fat removal, up to skin elasticity by regenerating skin! Accusculpt Laser is a procedure which makes slender facial contour using 1444nm-wavelength Accusculpt laser optimized for lipolysis.There are many cases that the fat attached to the bottom of the chin makes the dull face by making double chin when laughing, together with the phenomenon of sagging due to fat accumulation. Since the fat around the chin is difficult to remove just by exercise and diet, it is necessary to dissolve the fat with Accusculpt laser, then remove the dissolved fat and the remaining fat by hand-made method minutely. By doing so, elastic V line with smoother chin line can be completed.What is Accusculpt Laser?

What is Accusculpt Laser?

  • Dissolution of fat cells more finely than general fat-dissolving laser
  • Superior non-incision lifting effect
  • Minimizes skin damage even in sensitive skin layers
  • Lifting effect to tighten wrinkles or drooping skin
  • Applicable to fine parts which were difficult to apply with general laser

The case when Accusculpt Lifting is needed

  • If you want to make V line without facial contour surgery
  • If you want small face together with removal of jowls
  • If you are suffering from skin sagging after the double-jaw surgery or facial contour surgery
  • If you want to make curved face due to the excessive flesh of cheek and jowls smooth
  • If you want lifting without incision

Accusculpt Lifting vs Facial contour surgery

Accusculpt Lifting Facial contour surgery
Simple procedure using Accusculpt laser without cutting bones Osteotomy which cuts bones
Anesthesia Painless sedation anesthesia General anesthesia
Daily life Promptly available at least 1~2 weeks later
Post operative
No need Management required during recovery period
Effect Semi-permanent slender face Permanent slender face

Parts and effect of the Accusculpt Lifting procedure

Key points of Accusculpt Lifting

01With collagen remodeling effect on the reduced face area and skin-putting effect, V line of the face is revived.

02Less burden with its short procedure time of 30minutes with painless sedation anesthesia.

03No worry about scar after as it is left as small as needle marks.

04There remains few bruises and swelling owing to the know-how of the skilled plastic surgeons, and the recovery and effect are taken quickly.

05It is safe with few side effects as it does not affect other tissues during the procedure.

Before/after Accusculpt Lifting