Blue Rose Lifting

Remarkably improved the short maintenance period and week effect which were the disadvantages of existing absorbable thread! ‘Blue Rose Lifting’ is a contour-lifting procedure which can be anticipated substantive lifting effect by pulling up sagging skin without elasticity based on strong pulling capacity using a thread made of absorbable thread(PDO) added by Cog. It has a long maintenance period and strong face-lifting effect when compared to existing lifting procedures. You can identify the lifting effect just after the procedure.

Blue Rose Thread, Is it different with existing threads?

The case when Blue Rose Lifting is needed

  • If you want to improve the spreading jaw line and flesh of the cheek
  • If you want to make sharp jaw line and V line
  • If you are suffering from nasolabial folds and sagging adoral wrinkles
  • If you want to improve sagging area around eyes and malar bone

Characteristics of the Blue Rose Thread

Cog of the strong PDO thread pulls up the sagging skin and improves up to deep wrinkles

Why, should it be Blue Rose Lifting?

01Strong fixing power

The thread of Blue Rose Lifting has a bearing capacity 4 times stronger than the existing POD thread, and more determinate effect can be taken as it fixes the tissues by rotating 360°.

02Long-lasting sustaining power

As the thickness of PDO thread of Blue Rose Lifting is kept consistently with its special molding production method, it has an advantage of long duration time by keeping original shape even if time goes by.

03Completed domestic and overseas approval

The thread used to Blue Rose Lifting is the special medical thread which has got formal approval from the USA FDA and from domestic KFDA as the thread for fixing facial tissues exclusive for lifting, so it is used to contour-lifting procedure which can realize lifting effect such as V line effect of jaw line, generation of skin collagen, etc

Blue Rose Lifting customized for Age group

  • Persons in their twenties ~ thirties who wants to prevent skin aging

01Skin elasticity/whitening effect

PDO thread of Blue Rose Lifting brightens skin tone by promoting blood circulation and metabolism by the stimulation to cells, and prevents wrinkles by giving elasticity to skin.

02Definite V Line effect

The rose-thorn shaped thread of Blue Rose Lifting pulls the skins directly, and while it promotes collagen, the thread under the skins disappears and elastic V line face is completed.

  • Persons in their forties ~ fifties suffering from wrinkles and sagging skin

01Improvement of deep wrinkles

By inserting and pulling rose-shaped thread with coy to the drooping skin without elasticity, it creates definite lifting effect.

02Long-lasting effect

As it is manufactured by molding method not by cutting coy method, it has strong fixing power, so it maintains the longest lifting effect among existing lifting threads.

Parts of procedure for Blue Rose Lifting

Before/after Blue Rose Lifting