Botox is a medical product derived from refining Botulinum toxin. Initially, it was used for the treatment of children having cerebral palsy, by the way, since 1990s, it has been widely used to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles which make wrinkles in the cosmetic field. It is also effective for reduction of square jaw, calves and, hyperhidrosis.

Why, should it be iWELL Botox?

  • It makes the best effect by delicate injection to the exact point.
  • It uses only genuine • exact-quantity product honestly and it is a define to use Botox of Allergan, USA.

Parts for Botox treatment


Filler is a procedure using injection which can make youthful appearance by providing of volume to the dimple or sunken area of the face. iWELL only use genuine product of Restylane, which is the composition of Hyaluronic Acid(HA), and it has maintenance effect for 6monthis~1year.

Kind of Filler

Why, Should it be iWELL Filler?

  • It makes the best effect by delicate injection to the certain point.
  • You can identify the changed shape just after the procedure, without bruises and swelling.
  • It is harmless to human body as it uses fillers with composition of hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juve derm) which are the non-animal raw materials.

Parts for filler surgical procedure

Hydro Lifting (hydro-shine injection)

The essential thing to prevent skin aging is ‘Moisture’. However, only with moisture replenishment products, a big effect cannot be anticipated – in this regards, the method of surgical procedure which complements this disadvantage is Hydro Lifting (Hydro r shine injection). Hydro Lifting (Hydro shine injection) is a method to insert Hyaluronic acid, which has moisture 200~300 times more than the moisture in the human body, into the dermis layer of the skin, and it is a procedure that enables to keep elastic and moist skin by transferring moisture deeply into the skin.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is the component which shows astonishing water-binding capacity which absorbs and preserves moisture having 1,000 times of the weight of its own in the skin, and it is the core component of the skin. It plays a role in maintaining intercellular space, preserving and spreading cell normal factors and the nutrients, and by doing so, it contributes to the hydro-shine effect of the skin with more moisture and gloss by enhancing elasticity and resilience of the skin and moisture content.

Effect of Hydro Lifting(Water shine injection)

01Improvement of skin tone

  • Improves the dark skin to be clear and transparent
  • Improvement of coloring disorder such as freckle and blemish
  • Skin whitening effect

02Elasticity and Anti-aging

  • Improvement of the fine wrinkles
  • Prevention and improvement of skin aging
  • Improvement of elasticity of facial skin

03Moisturizing effect

  • Improvement of skin- stiffness after face wash
  • Improvement of dryness at the change of the seasons
  • removal of uneven keratin layer

Key points of iWELL Hydro Lift(Water shine Injection)


It is safe as it uses Hyaluronic acid ingredients same with the skin.

02Non-surgical method

As the procedure is conducted by a non-surgical method, so there is no trouble in daily life immediately after the procedure.

03Less pain

By applying anesthetic cream before the surgical procedure, the pain is less during the surgical procedure.

04Continuous effect

The effect lasts for a long time only with one-time surgical procedure.

05Customized program

More satisfactory result can be expected if you accompany filler, Botox, etc. together with Hydro Lifting (hydro shine injection).

Photograph before/after Botox/Filler