Heart-line Fat Grafting

It is a surgical procedure to inject pure fat into the necessary parts such as sunken forehead, cheek, below eyes, etc. after separating it after extracting from the parts where fat is accumulated a lot such as abdomen, thigh, etc. Heart-line fat Grafting of iWELL which highlights natural volume of cheek part and completes narrowing-down face shape with smooth curve from the lower part of ear to the tip of chin, has enhanced the rate of engraftment and safety by using a state-of-the-art Repocket Fat Grafting centrifuge

The case Heart-line fat Grafting is necessary

  • If you look older due to meager flesh in face
  • If you want to highlight the voluminous feel of sunken cheek
  • If you want to effect of baby face with soft face line
  • If you have a feeling of rejection against implant, etc.
  • If there is sunken or asymmetry in the forehead

Repocket fat Grafting and Heart-line Fat Grafting using Smart Prep 2

What is Repocket Fat Grafting?

REPOCKET Fat Grafting is a fat graft using exclusive equipment that can perform liposuction and centrifugation at one time, and it has a low probability of infection as it extracts fat without exposure in the air and has characteristics of high engraftment rate of the grafted fat.

What is Smart Prep2 Fat Grafting?

Smart Prep 2 fat Grafting is a surgical procedure that has complemented the disadvantage of low engraftment rate of autologous fat graft, and it is a surgical procedure which mixes separated pure fat cell with the adult stem cell having superior regeneration ability, then injects them into the necessary parts. As the skin is regenerated by the efficacy of the stem cell, it creates young-looking and vital impression.

Key points of Heart-line Fat Grafting

01As the extracted fat is divided into several layers before Grafting, the skin surface becomes to be smooth and the engraftment rate is high.

02As it uses REPOCKET type without exposure to the air, the side effect of infection is less.

03By using the highest-quality fat injection tube (Cannula), it carries out delicate surgical procedure.

04Remedy for short chin, flat forehead, etc. are possible without operation for facial contour.

Parts for surgical procedure of Heart-line Fat Grafting

Photograph Before/After Heart-line Fat Grafting