Minimal Incision Lifting

It is a surgery to remove the wrinkles and make elastic face by removing SMAS tissues which are the muscle in the sagging skin with aging and by pulling it up. iWELL Minimal Incision Lifting is double-lifting method which pulls the basically sagging muscles not just pulling sagging outer skin, and it has advantage of gaining satisfactory effect through a simple surgery.

What is SMAS(Sub muscular aponeurotic system)?

SMAS may be referred to be one of the most important layer in case of minimal incision surgical procedure. SMAS layer refers to the fascia which surrounds the muscles. It is one of the biggest reasons generating sagging by aging as it is vulnerable to gravity as it is tightly adhered to the skin and has a very thin structure. Minimal incision lifting of iWELL is effective for improvement of the wrinkles in the whole face as it pulls up aged SMAS layer beneath the skin.

The case when Minimal Incision Lifting is needed

  • If someone in the middle-aged or older age group has sagging cheek and jowl by aging
  • If other lifting procedure has not make effect
  • If ill-tempered shape became to be exposed as bad looking due to sagging cheek.
  • If someone in the young-aged has uneven jaw line due to sagging cheek.

Information on surgical treatment of
minimal incision lifting

With know-how of iWELL only, scar is not visible!

No matter how effectively the lifting would be operated, it cannot be called as successful operation if scar remains.

In case of the minimal incision lifting of iWELL, the scar is rarely visible if a certain period of time passes after operation as the incision line starts from inner side of the hair and while descending along the whiskers line, it goes up as closed to the back side of ears after turning earlobe.

Comparison with other lifting surgical procedure

Minimal incision
lifting (MACS)
Omega lifting
(Absorbable thread)
Easy lifting
(Thread with cogs)
Method Incision for 1~2cm No incision No incision
Anesthesia Sedation anesthesia Sedation anesthesia/Local anesthesia Sedation anesthesia
Effect Permanent 1~3 years Semi permanent
Indication Mainly for the middle aged or over All age group All age group
Swelling, Bruise A lot A little bit A little bit

Why, should it be the minimal incision lifting of iWELL?

  • It solves the basic reason by pulling up SMAS layer in the aged skin, as well as the outer wrinkles.
  • The scar is rarely visible after surgery as it is performed by minimal incision in the groove in front of the ears.
  • It is effective to overall wrinkles of face and neck wrinkles, as well as sagging cheek.
  • It creates elastic and slender V line by improving sagging cheek wrinkles without bone-shaving surgery.

Before/after minimal incision lifting