Omega Lifting

Omega Lifting is a lifting using a melting thread with the composition of PDO, which is composed of proteins approved by KFDA. It is a surgical treatment effective to improvement of wrinkles, skin elasticity and skin tone by pulling up the wrinkles in the requested area by injecting into the dermis layer in the skin, and regenerating skin cells.

What is PDO (Polydioxanone)?

  • PDO, which has got approval of Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) with the highest safety rating (Grade 4) is a medical thread melting in the human body.
  • Desired shape can be created as a thread can be pulled freely to the desired direction.
  • By promoting collagen generation by stimulating dermis layer, it has a skin regeneration effect.
  • There rarely remains a sense of foreign object as it is absorbed in the human body within 3~6 months.
  • There rarely remains scar as it is thinner than a stand of hair with the thickness of 0.12mm.

The case when Omega Lifting is needed

  • If you want to resolve wrinkles
  • If you want V line by improving sagging flesh of cheek and jaw line
  • If you want to improve skin sagging after double-jaw surgery or facial contour surgery
  • If you want a simple and quick-recovery lifting.
  • If you want to improve skin elasticity and skin tone.

Method of surgical treatment of Omega Lifting

Effect of Omega lifting

If lifting thread is inserted into the dermis layer, the skin elasticity is improved owing to the generation of collagen and elastin and it is effective to the skin regeneration.

The parts of surgical treatment of Omega Lifting

Photograph before/after Omega Lifting