PRP Fat Grafting

PRP Fat Grafting is a surgical procedure that injects autologous fat cells and PRP together. PRP is abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma and refers to the plasma rich in platelet. It separates the highly concentrated platelets from the blood of one’s own and injects the growth factor which is a healing material for self-tissues contained in the highly concentrated platelets together with the pure fat cells, so it increases the engraftment rate and improves the damaged skin.

What is PRP (Platelet)?

The case when the Fat Grafting is required

  • If you want the fat Grafting with high engraftment rate
  • If you look older than the age due to lack of skin elasticity
  • If you look old and have sharp impression due to lack of face flesh especially
  • If you want natural improvement, but you have sense of rejection for foreign body such as implant

Method of Surgical procedure for PRP Fat Grafting

01Extracts the blood of the patient for about 20cc.

02Separate the extracted blood into PRP (platelets), plasma, and blood cells two times using a special centrifugal separator.

03Inject PRP (platelets) and plasma into the necessary parts after mixing with extracted fat cells.

Key points of PRP Fat Grafting

01By using the highest-quality fat injection tube (Cannula), it carries out delicate surgical procedure.

02It increases the engraftment rate as it extracts fat using LIPOKIT which blocks the air contact perfectly.

03It is safe and has few side effects as the blood of one’s own is used.

04It provides high satisfaction as its engraftment rate is higher than that of general autologous fat Grafting.

05If you inject into the area where aging has progressed, you can get aging improvement effect naturally.

06As it helps to skin regeneration, it has effect to brighten skin tone and improve the skin as a whole.

Photograph before/after PRP fat Grafting